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  • Unimes UK8

  • Unimes UK8

  • Unimes UK8

  • Unimes UK8

Unimes UK8

Industrial customized terminal

The perfect combination of strength and lightness

Fearless DPM, 21.4m ultra far scanning

Unimaginable endurance management

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Unimes UK8

IP68 Leading powerful success 

Prevent falling Two-color injection molding design, better protection of the shell.

IP68 protection grade Comprehensive dustproof, maximum immersion for 30 minutes. 

Unimes UK8

Lifetime warranty scanning engine

60° tilt tolerance for wider reading range

8m/s motion tolerance for faster reading of high-speed barcodes

Easy recognition of DPM barcodes, metal etched barcodes and other difficult to read barcodes

Unimes UK8
Ultra Remote 21m scanning
Support up to 21.4 meters, large warehouses or high shelves can be reached at a glance.

Support the installation of handles to meet the needs of different scenarios

Unimes UK8

Hot-plugging, black technology

10-hour battery life, hot-swappable battery replacement, eliminating reboot time.

Supports up to 18W fast charging, so you can finish charging the next shift during the shift change.

Unimes UK8

IP68, fearless in hot and cold

IP68, fully waterproof and dustproof,maximum immersion for 30 minutes.

Supports long working hours at -20°C~60°C, Not afraid of the challenge of the high-temperature workshops and cold storage.

Unimes UK8

Super Prompt function

Professional triple-sided high-intensity scanning indicator design

2W powerful speaker + exclusive sound chamber design

Quick access to a wide range of feedback upon completion of the operation

Unimes UK8
Support for PTT feature

Realize voice communication.

Support single call, and group call, reduce noise before and after, and the effect is better.


Product Specification
Unimes UK8 1M

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