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Headquartered in Suzhou China, Unimes is a professional  provider of products and solutions of RFID, barcode and biometrics technologies. Founded in 2010, we provide our customers with comprehensive data collection solutions that enhance efficiency, maximize productivity and reduce operational cost for job sites.

To meet the requirements of the various applications of our devices, we provide several different operating systems, including Windows CE, Android.

With 10 years of hard work and exceptional design, Unimes has earned the trust of many customers by delivering high-quality device, professional technical support, and considerate customer service. Our products have been shipped to Customers all over the world, mainly in the Thailand, Russia, Estonia Malaysia etc. All Unimes devices are designed and produced in compliance with ineternational standards such as CE,RoHS, FCC. Our data collection terminals have been used in many different applications around the world including logistic, warehousing, public sector, retail, Finance,healthcare and manufacturing.


Unimes absolutely is your best supporter    
A talent R&D researchers and engineers team ensures us to innovate products fast and constantly.


Unimes has obtained 20 software copyright certificatesA talent R&D researchers and engineers team ensures us to innovate products fast and constantly.

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Overall and strictly quality management system makes a controlled environment is maintained for the manufacture of high quality data collection terminals.         

All manufacturing processes are tested at various points from raw materials to final product release.



"We are living in an age when the pace of change is accelerating. Unimes is committed to becoming a world famous Chinese brand in the AIDC field,  providing digital operation solutions for those organizations who want to win in the global competition."Unimes Group

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