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What are the key benefits of UHF data collectors?

Feb. 28, 2022

With the continuous improvement of the society's requirements for identification technology, the current data acquisition technology has entered the fourth generation of UHF microwave band automatic identification, and this technology has just entered the practical stage, but in the international field has been rapidly promoted and popularized, through this acquisition technology can solve many practical problems. So what are the main advantages of UHF data collectors?

1. The advantage of long identification distance

Traditional data collection technology usually has certain requirements for the collection distance, for a large number of collection targets often because of the distance and the collection work is relatively cumbersome, but UHF data collection can effectively extend the data collection distance, this technology has been able to achieve up to dozens of meters collection distance, for some daily work with a large number of collection tasks have very good convenience.

2. The advantages of a high recognition rate

In addition to the need to meet the requirements of data collection distance, many work scenarios also attach equal importance to the correct rate of data collection. UHF data collection can provide a very high recognition accuracy rate for a variety of different data, even if the collection distance is farther will not affect its collection of the correct rate, this advantage also makes this technology is expected to replace the important characteristics of traditional technology.

3. Recognition of the advantages of fast speed

Traditional data collection technology usually requires a certain amount of data comparison time, so it is difficult to satisfy in the speed of data collection. The new UHF data collection technology, due to the use of a more advanced identification mechanism, has a large increase in the data comparison time, so that its data identification speed has been satisfied by the majority of users.

In modern society, the use of digital information technology is becoming more and more widespread, and the UHF data collector combined with the new digital technology can make the data collection work easier and simpler, this new technology not only has a higher recognition accuracy and recognition speed, but also has a very huge advantage in the data collection distance.

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