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Lantern Blessings from Unimes

Feb. 18, 2022


Hello my friends:

I am Mark, CEO from Unimes.

The same greeting is given to you at the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival.

Fifteenth-day Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival.

People will eat during the Lantern Festival, the South and the North are different, so there's to eat glutinous rice balls, which have a literary reference, saying it was Yuan feel Lantern with "Yuan Consumers" So the Lantern named Tangyuan. Hanging lanterns in the streets on both sides. That is festive, but also lively.

Lantern Festival is also known as Chinese Valentines Day, the young men and women get along with fireworks, dancing folk dance, and lantern making.

Lantern Festival this day, people walking on the street, watching lanterns, guess riddles. People are immersed in an atmosphere of joy.

The fifteenth day after the Lantern Festival, people began the new year's work.


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