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Parking Management

Parking Management

With the increase in number of cars, number of fixed parking spaces are insufficient to meet the demand, thus forcing roadside parking as an alternative. This increases the traffic pressure. By placing roadside parking charges, government bodies aim to control the traffic flow on busy roads. However, officials face other issues.

1. Difficulties collecting parking charges due to incomplete regulation, untimely adjustment, lack of information communication and ineffective enforcement. Furthermore, collecting charges manually or with parking meters provides the opportunity for some car owners to evade parking fees.

2. Manually collecting roadside parking charges sustains high labor costs.

3. Unable to fully understand the traffic situation because information on parking status and billing status is not well collected and compiled.

4. Placing roadside charges could not discourage motorist from using roadside parking and instead worsened the parking issues.


1. Integrate electronic label sensing, wireless information transmission, intelligent POS card reading, printing and diverse functions in an orderly manner to accurately calculate the parking duration from using to leaving the parking space.

2. Unimes's device offers various charging methods. Charges are deducted directly from vehicles with electronic labels that have enough balance. Vehicles without enough balance in the electronic labels can make the payment through the POS terminal that supports cash, credit card and online payments.

3. Payment procedures are automatic and regulated. Receipts are printed on the spot, making it convenient for checking and reducing disputes from parking management.

4. Vehicle owners can look for available parking spaces through the electronic guiding display screen.

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