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Mobile Healthcare Project For Hospitals


The healthcare industry is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries where efficiency and accuracy are vital. That's why barcode and RFID technologies are more and more valued in healthcare these days. To improve patient care and operational efficiency, a hospital in Guizhou province called" Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University"brought in Unimes's mobile healthcare solution.

Mobile Healthcare Project For Hospitals


Adopting the HIS system on PC terminal as hospital's controlling system can't achieve mobility of bedside clinical care.

Lacking detailed electronic records is a barrier to generate positive patient outcomes.

Performance assessment and effective scheduling of nurses can't be realized.

The nurse handwritings are highly error prone.


Unimes provides mobile nursing solution based upon IoT and Cloud computing technologies, integrated handheld computer and compatible software, seamlessly connected to HIS system through Wi-Fi or 4G networks. By incorporating all these into the workflow of the nursing staff, our mobile healthcare information system aims to bring an all-round improvement to the hospital's health care system. Unimes just in time delivers tools for medication administration, vital sign collection, information inquiry and personnel management. With our PDAs, health care providers can make sure every time the right medication and treatment is given to the right patient, in the right dose, at the right time and through the right route of administration. During vital sign collection, it is speedy and accurate for data collection and input at the patient bedside. Then Nurses can at the bedsides have real-time visibility into all patient information both form the handheld computer and desktop terminal.


A study conducted in 2010 found that barcode usage prevented about 90000 serious medical errors each year and reduced mortality rate by 20%. The system standardized the nursing procedures and increased the productivityof staff members; reduced human error and enhanced patient safety; held down operating costs and streamlined operation procedures.

Mobile Healthcare Project For Hospitals

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