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Unimes U5 Mobile Computer optimizes warehouse resources

Taweekit Group is a group of local department stores in Thailand. Opened in the year 1936 by pioneer in the name "Ta Mui Huat Shop" and later established as a Thaweekit Department Store in the year 1974, with the main business center in the northeastern region of Buriram Province And the central region of Saraburi province. At present, Thaweekit has 160 branches covering stores in the northeast and central regions of Thailand.


Taweekit sells a wide range of categories of products,such as toys, daily necessities, fresh food, IT products etc.From receiving, put-away, picking, packing to shipping and delivering, time-consuming operations are prone to errors.

Retailers cannot access the stock level of each warehouse, thus they cannot make the most market-driven decisions to boost sales.

Without enough visibility to warehouse products, it is difficult for warehouse workers to locate and pull a certain product from the right shelf on the shortest route.


Taweekit has interests in barcoding technology that can boost the efficiency of its order-fulfillment and shipping process. After several rounds of selection, the company finally chose UNIMES barcode capable handheld computer U5 to perform in its warehousing process.


Every product is labeled with a unique barcode. A scan of this barcode tells workers product type and quantity. It facilitates warehousing operations such as inbound and outbound.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, captured data can be transferred to the retailer’s central database and management system for quick access and analysis.

Accurate inventory tracking enables retailers to get real-time notification of out-of-stock items and replenish products in time.

Warehouse-to-warehouse inventory transparency can optimize warehouse resources.

PDA Configuration

Model: U5

Functions: 2D, Wi-Fi, Camera

Unimes U5 Mobile Computer optimizes warehouse resources

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