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Packing and Staging

Packing and Staging

Packing and staging are the most hands-on jobs in your warehouse and distribution centre's shipping department. Any distraction or error can lead to an incorrect shipment and dissatisfied customer. To ensure accuracy at this critical point, Unimes developed hands-free technology that confirms orders with a quick scan, prints a shipping label with the correct destination, and allows you to continue tracking each package to the right lorry.

  • Flexible Data Capture

    Capture data from 1D or 2D barcodes and RFID so you can continue to evolve your warehouse operations and ensure compliance and traceability with the right mix of data capture options.  

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Achieve flawless fulfillment by doing a final check at the end of the line to ensure that each order has been accurately picked, packed, and staged for the right destination.

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