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Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, managing your supply chain in reverse can be a challenge. Unimes’s mobile computers, scanners and printers work with your enterprise systems to give you total visibility across your operations, allowing you to efficiently process customer returns, put seasonal and surplus inventory back into stock, or identify goods for refurbishment or disposal.

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Make the return process seamless for the customer. Whether it is an online or in-store purchase, your operations are well-connected and have the visibility required to process the return anywhere.

  • Document Receipt and Condition

    Restore goods to inventory as quickly as possible. Mobile computers scan and record condition upon receipt to ensure goods are either restocked, refurbished, or discontinued.

  • Control Wast

    Implement an efficient process to return unused parts from the plant floor to inventory and reduce unnecessary reordering. Mobile devices instantly update and track inventory counts and location.

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