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Throughout the supply chain, forklifts have transformed from material-handling vehicles into information-technology platforms that leverage computers, barcode scanners, printers, RFID, voice and software to optimize complex workflows. Vehicle-mounted computing and data collection is a proven best practice for improving workflows.

Roughly 25% of the average DC’s labor is spent in receiving and putaway workflows. And putaway locations have a huge effect on travel time and distance in subsequent workflows.

Elevate Your DC Operations with Integrated Vehicle Solutions

Equipping your vehicle-based workflows with computers and data collection solutions offers significant performance benefits:

  • Drives workflow productivity with automatic tracking of vehicle location and status.

  • Reduces material-handling costs while improving compliance and safety with better operational efficiency.

  • Optimizes order fulfillment rates and inventory accuracy with real-time tracking.

  • Prevents misshipments by automatically verifying pallet ID and dock-door location.

  • Streamlines operations while reducing labor costs and capital expenses by integrating technologies into seamless solutions.

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