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Receiving and putaway combine the flow of goods with business-critical information about those goods. The speed and accuracy of this combination in receiving makes all the difference to workflows downstream. That’s why you need a connected workflow solution.

A Connected Solution for Receiving and Put-Away Workflows

A Unimes connected solution for inbound workflows includes:

  • Mobile computer preloaded with Mobile Document Imaging (MDI) software

  • Mobile printer

  • Printer media

This solution equips your workers to increase accuracy, productivity and visibility in the challenging DC environment. Here’s how.

Use the mobile computer to record receipt data and update BOH in real time using scans and minimal data entry. You’ll drastically improve productivity and accuracy over paper-based processes. And you’ll have real-time visibility into your inventory.

Using the MDI software to electronically capture paperwork (import docs, MSDS, etc.) and both send and store those files electronically also provides immediate visibility to critical information.

And by using a mobile printer, the receiver can remain at the point of process, labeling each pallet as it is received. This eliminates the unproductive travel time back and forth to stationary printers on the dock or in an office. Operators can receive multiple doors more quickly, so forklifts can clear received pallets more quickly and turn the doors faster.

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